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Moving House

Tenant Screening  & Placement

Choosing the right tenant is the foundation of a successful rental relationship which is why Owl Key PM takes extra effort to place the best tenants in our clients' homes.  We use an extensive screening method to determine who will best respect your home.  

As landlords ourselves, our account managers know first hand the challenges and pleasures of finding the right tenant for the right house.  Our team does a thorough review of each applicant and only present the best to you.  

Our tenant screening process begins with completing a credit burau check to have a better understand of the applicants ability to pay their bills on time and in full.  We believe that responsible tenants understand the need to stay on top of payments to ensure a high credit rating.  This mindset usually translates to how they will treat their home, taking care to keep it clean and in good shape.

In parallel with the credit check, we request that all applicants provide an employment letter indicating their length of employment and current salary.  Having a solid and stable career is a good indicator that the applicant will be able to make monthly rent payments.

The screening process continues with a rental reference check from previous landlords.  We follow up on each letter with a phone call to get a first hand understanding of how responsible the applicant is and ask any necessary questions to fully vet your future tenant.

Once we have a full understanding of the applicant, provided they meet our criteria, we will present the application to you for review.  Every landlord has the choice to accept or reject the applications with no questions asked by our team. 

At Owl Key Property Management, we are fanatics about efficiency which is why we keep a record of all 5-star applicants in our repository.  This makes filling new rental spaces quick and easy since we've previously already done the hard work.  

Contact us today to learn how we can fill your vacant property.


From tenant interaction to snow removal, we have you covered.  Browse our links below to better understand how we can serve you and your tenants.  Stress free living is one click away.

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