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Property Management Co.

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How much can your home rent for? 

When it comes to managing your   investment, we go further.

Property Management Isn't Just

About Collecting Rent.

At Owl Key PM we understand that you have more important priorities than worrying about your investment property.  From appliance breakdowns to rent collection, we cover all the bases.  

Our experienced Professional Engineers review your home on every visit ensuring your investment is protected from water damage, mold and tenant misuse.


How We Surpass the Competition

Engineering knowledge
Fully transparent billing
Dedicated managers
Tenants love us
We're landlords too

Owning A Rental is Easy and Passive. 
Well, Not Quite.

Don't be fooled into thinking owning a rental property isn't:

  • without issues,

  • a huge time suck and

  • a major stressor.

Iceberg Illusion Of Success Infographic Graph (3).png

You've worked hard for your money and have invested wisely into real estate.  How hard could being a landlord be, right? 

Beware of the Landlord Iceberg

Owl Key 


Property Management


Get to Know Us

Click the button below to download our full list of services and pricing.  Learn more about how Owl Key PM can support you today.


“I've needed a few maintenance activities in my apartment recently and the team at Owl Key have been very supportive.  Steven is quick to respond and the maintenance person was very nice and respectful.  

Vanessa Piasecka

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