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Who is responsible to shovel snow

Snow Removal

There are few things more beautiful than a snow fall in a Toronto neighbourhood park.  Building snow forts and snow angels are a great pastime for your family to enjoy together.  At Owl Key PM we recommend spending time with your loved ones while we take care of the pain-in-the-back snow shoveling.   Our network of reliable and professional snow teams are ready to keep your property clear of snow and salted for safety.  

Winter walk
Snow Blower

Did you know that the City of Toronto bylaw requires all sidewalks in front of homes to be cleared within 12 hours of a snow fall by the landlord or tenant?  Also, as the home owner you can be charged for any slip and fall incident that occurs on or in front of your property.  For these reasons we always recommend hiring professionals to clear snow and salt walk ways to ensure your tenants are safe and so that you can sleep stress free at night.

Contact us today to find out how you can keep those early morning hours for sleeping instead of shoveling snow.


From tenant interaction to snow removal, we have you covered.  Browse our links below to better understand how we can serve you and your tenants.  Stress free living is one click away.

Snow Removal

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