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Best property managers for luxury homes

Choose Us?

With over 10 years of experience in real estate investment and property management, our principle values at Owl Key are where most PM companies fall short... reliability and integrity.  


Despite their "international presence, rock bottom pricing, and guarantees", a bad PM company can leave you with angry tenants, unanswered phone calls, and lost income.  The founder of Owl Key, Steven, knows first-hand about this frustration which is why he started Owl Key Property Management.

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?

The Owl Key PM team is comprised of Engineers and Trades People who will advise you on protecting your home...  

  • Protection against rodents

  • Protection against water damage

  • Protecting your home's foundation

"We are landlords who are hands-on and have renovated multiple homes in Toronto.  We're ready and able to offer quick repairs or maintenance for your property and support your tenants as quickly as possible."

Owl Key Property Management was founded on two simple, yet important principles:

Every tenant must be cared for like family

Every home must be cared for like our own  


These two core values are the key to Owl Key's success in generating reccurring revenue and word of mouth recommendations.

Call us today at 647-888-1175 or fill out the contact form above to learn how we can provide you with stress-free living and protect your investment.

Wood deck with wood panels
"My account manager Steve always keeps me informed of what's happening at my house.  I feel like he really cares about my home."

Alex Portelli, Landlord

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