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Credit history

Tenant Screening  & Placement

Choosing the right tenant is the foundation of a successful rental relationship.

This is why Owl Key PM takes extra effort to place the best tenants in our clients' homes.  We do extensive screening to find you the most respectful clients.   ​​

Our criteria includes:
Credit Bureau Check
We believe that responsible tenants understand the need to stay on top of payments to ensure a high credit rating.  This mindset usually translates to how they will treat their home, taking care to keep it clean and in good shape. 
Reference Checks
Reference checks from previous landlords.  We follow up on each reference with a phone call to get a firsthand understanding of how responsible the applicant is and ask a series of pertinent questions. 
Social Media &
Public Document Check
We conduct a public document scan of over 200,000 databases in 240 countries looking for criminal records, court decisions, negative press, public biographies, past employment, past addresses and more.  We review all public social media accounts for further insight into their typical behaviours.
Employment Check
An employment letter indicating their length of employment and current salary.  Having a solid and stable career is a good indicator that the applicant will be able to make monthly rent payments. 

Once we have ensured a tenant meets our criteria, you will have the opportunity to review the full application.  You will have the choice to accept or reject the applications with no questions asked by our team.  


At Owl Key Property Management, we are fanatics about efficiency which is why we guarantee that this process is completed as quickly as possible.

Contact us today to learn how we can promptly fill your vacant property. 


From tenant interaction to snow removal, we have you covered.  Browse our links below to better understand how we can serve you and your tenants.  Stress free living is one click away.

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