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Owl Key Renovations


Project Iron Gate

Nestled in the beautiful neighbourhood of Rosedale, attention to detail was at the forefront of this endeavor.  The client, seeking a chic yet family durable space opted for oak railings coupled with iron spindles, solid oak stair casing and hardwood flooring.  Our recommendation for custom wainscoting was a perfect complement to the space.  

Open Concept Living Room
Vaulted Ceilings
Front Entry Way
Stairs with iron railing


Project Accent

Carpentry is a specialization that many claim to have but only few can execute on.  With precise geometry and even more precise cutting, the team at Owl Key Renovations can bring your creativity to life.  Turn your drab wall into an epic statement.   Remember, not all accents are necessarily foreign.

Wall Accents / Wainscoting
The Wall
Ceiling Trim
Stairwell Wainscoting
Wall Accent
Basement Wainscoting
Master Bedroom
Vertical rectangular trim


Project Built-In

The elegance of a room can be enhanced incredibly by a finely crafted set of built-ins.  Often found in more opulent homes, built-ins offer elegant storage solutions. 

Carpentry is our specialty.  Call us today for your custom built-ins or wine cellar.

Walnut Built-in
Fireplace Divider
Stone Fireplace Surround
White Built-Ins
Floating TV Stand


Project Stairway to Heaven

A properly executed staircase can enhance the value of a home by thousands of dollars.  Choosing the right carpenter is key to ensuring the stair nosing and joints are tight and crisp.  Our carpenters take incredible pride in their work and the results speak for themselves.  Please enjoy our slideshow of previously completed projects.

Wooden Staircasing
Stair Nosing
Rounded stair casing
Iron spindles
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